About me

I pride myself on the unique path my career has taken me. Working as part of an integrated team and also managing to freelance along the way for a wide variety of clients and industries. I think of myself as not just diversified professionally but well-rounded as an individual.

My goals are not a destination or a particular job. What I want out of my career is to be able to work with individuals that share my passion for creativity in an environment that encourages personal growth. I want clients and employers to feel deeply satisfied by the work I perform and have that reflect in our relationship.

Jordan Wolfe


Hard Skills

Marketing and Digital strategy - Project management - Creative development - Graphic Design - Video production - Website administration (Drupal and Wordpress) - Google Analytics/GTM - Content creation - ADA & WCAG Compliance - Jira - Smartsheet - Microsoft Office

Soft Skills

Collaborative process expert - Communication expert - Creating/implementing work-flow governance scientist