Thanks for taking the time to read up on me. I have been in the creative and advertising field for almost two decades now. What really drives me is creativity and the collaborative process. I love working with people, meeting new people, and to my detriment, making them happy.

I went to school for graphic design and through the years and exposure to many industries, work cultures, and experiences, I have picked up a bunch of skills along the way. Osmosis and doing are my preferred techniques for learning. Marketing and video production were the skills I acquired via that approach. Have a challenge, learn new skills to conquer it. Have an idea, acquire the skills to make it happen. Have a huge idea, collaborate with experts and elevate it. Never be afraid to share ideas, they only get better that way. It’s that simple.

If you want all the buzzwords and professional speak feel free to check out my resume. Want to see a little about my blend of personal and professional life, check out my Instagram.

Thanks again for visiting!