Skills used

  • Google Analytics
  • UX/UI (Adobe Xd)
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Drupal
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting


We had a communication problem with the website. The homepage did not have enough marketing and communication placements above the first scroll (or “above the fold” as us old-timers would say from the newspaper days).

My solution was to add a carousel that could be used for marketing spots as well as video. Notice how all the images are the same aspect ratio as a 16:9 video? Below are 3 dynamic spots that are controlled by cookies and the member button which gives us more control over user personas.

I also added a quick links section below the online banking login for high-priority initiatives and popular items based on visitor analytics. This also enabled us to use this space for messages that previously had to be posted in the forms of alerts which took up valuable real estate above the fold.

This approach paid off almost immediately. We saw vastly improved conversion rates for the featured products as well as large upticks in interior page visits.

Launch Project

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