This was when drones were still a new thing and I was trying to find my niche in that burgeoning technology. I was working with a videographer in the area (Untitled Productions) and joined up to raise the bar in what real estate videos could be. This was a listing we produced for Stone House Properties.

The concept was to take a walk-through and make it a fly-through. With a drome and steady-cam we wanted to produce video teasers that were short, engaging, and showcased enough of the property to give the viewer the right amount of information to take the next step and contact the agent. In observing many other videos at the time we found that they were too long, too repetitive, and low quality. Our focus was to produce real estate videos worthy of the luxury properties being advertised.

This has become pretty standard these days but I’m proud of the fact that I was at the forefront of this trend.